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What is different with Toyohari acupuncture?

I am often asked what is the difference between Toyohari acupuncture and other acupuncture styles.

In short: Toyohari is a refined Japanese acupuncture style that stands out by being gentle and precise.

The name Toyohari translates to East Asian needle therapy. It is based on the same classical writings as Chinese acupuncture and shares the same meridians, acupuncture points and many of the underlying principles.

One significant difference is that Toyohari acupuncture does not only treat symptoms but also seeks to address underlying imbalances in the flow of energy and blood. If the energy and blood flow within the meridians and blood vessels is blocked or disturbed, the body becomes prone to disease, injury and emotional imbalances. Therefore it is important to not only address symptoms but to create internal balance to achieve longer lasting results.

During a treatment the practitioner carefully assesses the pulse, tongue, abdomen and skin lustre, which reflect the internal state of the patient and determine the techniques employed by the therapist.

In general a Toyohari treatment is less invasive because practitioners use thinner and fewer needles than their Chinese style counterparts. Needles are only retained for a few seconds to a few minutes. The patient is monitored often for changes and signs of overtreatment.

Some techniques used in Toyohari are specific to Japanese acupuncture, for example the use of small zinc and copper discs that are applied to acupuncture points for their polarity effect. This is used to activate the Eight Extra Meridians for the treatment of chronic conditions.

Toyohari practitioners are highly trained and have to complete regular training sessions in order to retain their membership in the Toyohari association. This is unique in the world of acupuncture. The regular training allows the practitioner to get feedback from their colleagues to hone and improve their skill.

For me Toyohari is the most sophisticated style of acupuncture and I would recommend anyone to have a session and experience the results.

Stefan Hafner


Stefan Hafner